I was lucky to have studied the path of Wudang internal martial arts with wonderful teachers and masters. Since almost 15 years, starting in the year 2005 I am in a curious, always evolving relationship with those wondrous movement arts. The depth and refinement of this art has deeply touched me since my first encounter. Coming from a long journey, studying different styles of martial arts and movement, such as Escrima, Aikido, Dance and Yoga, I fell in love with the Wudang arts at first sight. I knew this is it, the circle comes together here. Spirit flowing into movement, earth changing into heaven, I am home. And this feeling didnt leave me, since then on, wherever I was, practice was my home. It gave me life and hope and purpose. Dao did, and me touching upon it. And it stays until today, until this moment. It is my practice, that keeps me alive, that keeps my spirit glowing up again. It gives my soul a home here. And I hope today, continuing this path, I can be inspiring others to be touched like this at least for one moment in their lifes. 

Catharina with her teacher Ismet Himmet

A teacher affects eternity                                                                              he can never tell where his influence stops.                                                                                                                                                                        Henry Adams


WDP - Wudang Principles


Ismet Himmet is a world class martial artist and the founder of WDP - Wudang Principles, a worldwide movement and family, based on the teachings of the 10 ancestral principles of Wudang. His expertise lies in uniting the traditional and contemporary mind of martial arts into a universal connection. His teachings encompass a range from traditional Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Combat and free movement into Chinese Boxing. His skills are not only touching in the expression of softness and power, but also straight forward effective and useful. Today he specializes in spreading his unique chinese boxing system both in international Seminars and online teaching.






10 Ancestral Principles of Wudang


1. 浑圆一周天 hún yuán yì zhōu tiān 
the cosmos is one cirlce 

2. 阴阳合太极 yīn yáng hé tài jí 
stillness and movement in harmony, this is taiji

3. 三圆夺造化 sān yuán duó zào huà 
the three treasures / cirlces are containing and 
affecting everything 

4. 四象始成形 sì xiàng shǐ chéng xíng 
the four aspects creating the form 

5. 五行分生克 wǔ xíng fēn shēng kè 
the five elements creating and destroying each other 

6. 六合修内外 liù hé xiū neì wài 
the six harmonies teaching the inside and the outside 

7. 七星本为发 qī xīng běn wéi fā 
the seven stars are sent out naturally 

8. 八卦自为化 bā guà zì wéi huà 
the eight trigrams breaking blockades (defending self) 
and bringing solutions 

9. 九宫练神形 jiǔ gōng liàn shén xíng 
the nine skills (9 palaces) teaching the (body) expression 

10. 万法桩功生 wàn fa zhuāng gōng shēng 
the 10.000 ways are originating from the one and 
returning to the one