Catharina Costanzo

I was born in Austria, Salzburg. From very early on, I saw the world through the eyes of an artist. Since my early childhood I loved to immerse myself into a world-less state while drawing. Everything else disappeared around me. Became quiet. Art means to me, to look behind the world of definiteness, behind that which is obvious. Through a skill to listen, we get in touch with a part of us, that is intangible and very alive. To look from there, to move from there, is my greatest research. A deep yearning to discover the mystery, that ancient masters called " Source of all existence", "God", or "Self" lead me on a very unique path and a fine inner voice was my guide to India and China, to spend almost a decade discovering the roots of hidden knowledge of the inner path. I lived the simplicity of temple life and immersed myself in full time training internal martial arts in the Wudang mountains with deep curiosity and devotion. The background of every movement, I learned, was the wish to come home. To free the mind from the limiting believes of personality and see the pure and untainted essence of the Self. The insights and tools I gained on my path are my greatest treasure today. Practice is very alive in me today, diving deeper with every breath, still learning and continuing to see the wonder of my deepest self. May the journey go on.