The Flame of Dao

Stillness and Movement




Feel yourself.

Find your Base.

Move from there.





to dive into this ancient path, passed down from Masters of old times and traditions, into present times. A timeless path, building bridges between old ways and new styles. Following the same Spirit. Timeless.


This is for You


This is a invitation to keep it simple. Return your thoughts to come home and find the Power that comes from within You. Body and mind hold the Middle Ground. The Middle Ground is the BASE for SPIRIT.

Spirit can enter Stone.

Spirit can fly.

Entering water it cannot drown.

Entering fire it cannot burn.


Daoist scriptures


All Courses / Classes are held in both german and english !

Tai Ji Quan


Stillness in midst movement and movement while remaining still. Yin and Yang in harmony. Learn to stay centered in your self, while being physically in motion. 


Qi Gong


Aligning and opening the inner perception. receive, sense and guide Qi nourishment. Qi Gong is the foundation of self healing. Connect and find balance.


Expand your limits, embrace discomfort and enjoy the results. The body follows the direction of the mind. With an open, connected and determined mind, the body cannot otherwise but be strong, supple and healthy.



Martial Arts - Kung Fu

Mental and physical clarity, power and suppleness through the practice of Forms applications and movement. A strong base is the foundation for all movement and growth. 


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